VIDEO: Police Hurled Woman Into Concrete Bench, Allegedly Shattering Several Face Bones

Surveillance video depicts a police officer in Skokie, Illinois hurling a woman named Cassandra Feuerstein into a concrete bench inside a jail cell shortly after she was arrested for driving under the influence. Immediately after crashing into the bench, Feuerstein lies nearly motionless in the fetal position on the floor, a pool of blood forming near her head, as several officers enter the cell to assist her. The incident occurs at 1:54 in this video:

Feuerstein says the incident shattered several bones in her face, leading to reconstructive surgery and a titanium plate being inserted in her cheek. She filed a lawsuit against the Skokie Police Department alleging excessive force.


Police initially charged her with resisting arrest, but those charges were dropped by prosecutors. She plead guilty to the DUI charge.