VIDEO: Supporters Proclaim They ‘Love Obamacare’ Outside Of Supreme Court Hearing

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Several dozen supporters of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act rallied outside of the Supreme Court this morning as the nine justices kicked off the first of three days of hearings on the constitutionality of the measure.

Backers of the health law sang “health care for everyone” to the tune of “Let it shine,” played the drums, and chanted “We Love Obamacare,” a reference to the Obama campaign’s embrace of the moniker. Supporters also held a press conference touting some of the early benefits of the new law and a group of doctors — Doctors For America — were on hand to discuss how the measure has already helped some of their patients.

The hearing also brought out six or seven Tea Party Nation members. The held signs saying the law is unconstitutional and chanted, “We Love The Constitution.” ThinkProgress spoke to several opponents of the law, who told us that they came to D.C. from Pennsylvania or as far away as California on their own volition to speak out against what they described as the government’s “take over” of health care. “Why isn’t the president or Congress on Obamacare if it’s so good?” asked one protester.


Watch the demonstrations: