Video: Virginia Lets Dominion Tear Down State For Coal Profits

From the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, this stellar video describes how Dominion Resources, with the full support of Virginia governor Timothy Kaine (D), is breaking ground on a $1.8 billion coal-fired plant in Wise County, VA. On June 26, officials recently appointed by Kaine to the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board unanimously granted air quality permits to Dominion Virginia Power, a subsidiary of Dominion Resources.

Watch it:

On June 30:


Dominion began construction of the plant

13 people were arrested for blockading the entrance to Dominion’s headquarters in Richmond

Citing the threat of global warming, a Georgia judge blocked a $2 billion coal plant.

Gov. Kaine has received $88,000 in campaign contributions from Dominion since 2002.

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