Viewers Force Gibson To Apologize For Airing Joke About ‘Ejaculating In A Woman’s Eye’

Radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony were recently suspended from XM Satellite Radio “when they broadcast May 9 the rantings of a character they call Homeless Charlie, who fantasized about having violent sex with Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Queen Elizabeth II.”

On Monday, “stand-up comic” Patrice O’Neal appeared as a guest on John Gibson’s Fox News show, The Big Story, and defended Opie and Anthony. He said they were just “trying to be funny,” adding that he has a “couple” of “pretty good” rape jokes in his HBO special. As an example, he cited a “donkey punch” joke: “[I]t’s ejaculate in her eye and kick her in the shin and she walks around like arrgh, it’s the angry pirate.”

When Gibson argued that “you can’t say just anything on the air” (even though he aired the “joke”), O’Neal claimed, “You can say anything you want.” Watch it:


O’Neal also criticized Gibson’s other guest, Sonia Ossorio, and her organization, the National Organization of Women, for “not representing the nappy ho part, she’s representing just the ho. The nappy headed part, she has nothing to do with, just the ho.”


Viewers, understandably, were outraged that Gibson’s show, which is on at 5:00 PM ET, aired O’Neal’s remarks. One viewer wrote in and said that Gibson “blew it yesterday,” and that women need to “raise all sorts of heck against this man and others who degrade women of any race.” To his credit, Gibson apologized:

Patrice said something which should never have been aired and for those of you who heard it, I apologize. There are rules governing this business and what he said violated those rules. It’s my show and it’s my fault, and I apologize sincerely to all and any who were offended. And that is your word.

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GIBSON: More CBS radio firings, they’ve been on a terror lately. Are they cleaning house, or is this the PC cops run amok?

O’NEAL: You know what it is John. You know what it is while you’re reading that paper. It’s the PC cops run amok.

GIBSON: Who do you think (INAUDIBLE) a PC cop.

O’NEAL: She’s a PC cop, of course she is. She has an entire encyclopedia of her stance on it, but it’s no passion involved. It’s not a real — this is just what she has to say. We are outraged and fired and fired and fired.

OSSORIO: He’s a fool, he’s an absolute fool.

O’NEAL: Name calling. I’m outraged. I am outraged.

OSSORIO: You should be, you should be outraged.

O’NEAL: I am a fool. Now if I called you a fool — ah!

OSSORIO: You know what, people are feeling a new sense of entitlement to decency in this country.

O’NEAL: Who are these people? Who are the people?

OSSORIO: A new sense of entitlement.

GIBSON: How can you — Patrice so here is my question — how can you justify a bad joke, a joke that isn’t funny — wait a minute, that isn’t funny, doesn’t get any laughs, and is about raping the first black woman to ever become the secretary of state of the United States?

O’NEAL: Don’t throw that at me.

GIBSON: Well why not?

O’NEAL: The attempt is what I’m trying to fight for. The joke may or may — funny jokes and unfunny jokes come out of the same birth. You don’t know if anything is going to be funny. You should attempt to be able to make anything funny.

GIBSON: Don’t you think a joke about rape is doomed to be not funny?

O’NEAL: It’s possible, but I’ve heard them. I’ve heard them —

GIBSON: You’ve heard a funny rape joke?

O’NEAL: I’d say a couple. Watch my HBO special, I’m pretty good at it.

OSSORIO: Yes, Patrice says that if you’re having sex with a woman doggy style and if you hit her in the head at just the right time —

O’NEAL: No, its ejaculate in her eye and kick her in the shin and she walks around like arrgh, it’s the angry pirate. That’s what she was trying to say.

OSSORIO: No, no. He said a violent act of hitting her in the back of her head, her body freezes up, which will then —

O’NEAL: It’s called the donkey punch.

OSSORIO: Which will then —

O’NEAL: Why are you laughing? She’s outraged. It’s called the donkey punch, its called humor that she has no clue what it is.

GIBSON: We have the same problem that Opie and Anthony does. You can’t say just anything on the air.

O’NEAL: You can say anything you want. It might not be funny, you might get in trouble for it, but you should be able to be attempting — and plus, when is a crazy bum going to get an opportunity to rape the president’s wife John? It was trying to be funny.

GIBSON: All right Patrice, why aren’t I hearing Al Sharpton complain about this thing involving —

O’NEAL: Because it wasn’t involving young black women.

GIBSON: Well, it’s involving a very prominent black woman.

O’NEAL: Well where was she during young black — everybody has their agenda.

OSSORIO: I was there, I was there.

O’NEAL: Oh I’m sorry. All right, excuse me.

OSSORIO: Well why am I not hearing from Sharpton?

O’NEAL: Because this doesn’t concern him. It does not concern him. You know, come on now, you know Al Sharpton has his agenda and it was perfect for Al, young black women. And now she’s representing just women in general. She’s not representing the nappy ho part, she’s representing just the ho. The nappy headed part, she has nothing to do with, just the ho.