GOP candidate says Hillary Clinton is deadlier than gun used in mass shootings

The latest from Prince William County Board Chairman Corey Stewart (R)

Senatorial candidate Corey Stewart (R-VA)
Senatorial candidate Corey Stewart (R-VA) at a November 2017 press conference. (CREDIT: Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Corey Stewart, chairman of the of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors and current U.S. Senate candidate, has a long history of extremist statements. His latest may take the cake.

The man who raffled off an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle last January and praise the weapon as “a good rifle” tweeted on Thursday night that the gun — which was used in the horrific Parkland mass shooting last month as well as in deadly massacres at Sandy Hook Elementary School, an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, a Las Vegas concert, and an Orlando gay night club — was actually less deadly than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The tweet attempts to tie Clinton, who has killed no one, to incumbent Sen. Tim Kaine (D), who also has killed no one. Stewart is seeking his party’s nomination to challenge Kaine in November, a year after narrowly losing the GOP gubernatorial nomination.


Stewart has previously made national news for his defense of Confederate “heritage,” for blaming the left for anti-Semitism, for pushing Arizona-style anti-immigrant policies, and for losing his position as Donald Trump’s 2016 Virginia chairman after attacking the campaign for writing-off the state.

The tweet actually echoed another made by a campaign official for one of Stewart’s 2018 primary opponents. Two days earlier, the chairman of Students for Nick Freitas (a Virginia state legislator also seeking the GOP Senate nomination), made almost the same comment.

He later clarified that while Clinton has “not personally killed anyone,” neither has the AR-15.