Virginia KKK Uses Obama’s Presidency As A Recruiting Tool

The Ku Klux Klan of Virginia is trying to find new members, and it is using President Obama’s second term as a recruitment tool.

According to local Richmond television station WTVR, residents in the area have received two KKK fliers in their driveways in the course of as many months. The fliers read, “WAKE UP WHITE AMERICA!!” and explain that “the majority of HATE CRIMES in America are committed by BLACKS against WHITES!!!”

In an interview with the station, the KKK bragged that their recruitment has been up thanks to Obama’s election, and expect it to triple during his next term:

“Since Obama’s first term our numbers have doubled and now that we’re headed to a second term it’s going to triple, this is going to be the biggest resurgence of the Klan since 1915,” said one of the Klansmen interviewed.

The Klansman have been handing out flyers in a Mechanicsville neighborhood, and neighbors who received them have contacted CBS 6.

“We’re not trying to target anybody or scare anybody with hate, we’re just using our freedom of speech to drop fliers,” said one of the Klansmen interviewed. “Everyone thinks that we’re a hate group, we’re not a hate group, we don’t hate anyone, and we want to see good things come to our race.”

Watch it:

Whether or not the KKK is fabricating its recruitment numbers, the technique underlines a scary trend in the United States. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, antigovernment groups and hate groups are on the rise, and racial animosity toward the President has been a consistent issue during his time in office.


The racially driven hatred toward the President has also tracked with the rise of the Tea Party, whose leaders have made not-so-subtle dog whistle attacks against Obama.