Voinovich’s Case for Bolton: ‘The World Is Going Wacko Everywhere’

Last year, President Bush circumvented the United States Senate and installed John Bolton as Ambassador to the U.N. with a recess appointment. This Thursday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will consider his nomination again.

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) opposed Bolton last year, delivering a powerful and eloquent indictment of the Bolton nomination. Now, Voinovich supports Bolton’s nomination. Today on Fox, Voinovich explained that Bolton needed to be confirmed because “the world, you know, is going wacko everywhere.” Watch it:


VOINOVICH: But the fact of the matter is the urgency of the situation, I mean, the world is going, you know, wacko everywhere.



VOINOVICH: One thing we need to do is to have somebody up at the United Nations that is going to speak for this country.

CAVUTO: OK. Gut call then Senator. I’m so rude. But gut call. If it were a vote, he’d win?

VOINOVICH: I don’t know.

CAVUTO: OK. Sen. George Voinovich on Capitol Hill.