Voters Split Over New York’s Same Sex Marriage Law, Support Growing Among Religious Respondents

Americans are split over whether New York’s same-sex marriage law is a positive or negative outcome, a new Washington Post poll finds. Support is increasing among political independents and religious respondents, however. While 50 percent of all adults viewed the outcome as a positive development (46 percent do not), 54 percent of Independents, 63 percent of White non-Evangelical Protestants and 59 percent of Catholics said they support the measure. Among African Americans, “more than six in 10 say the law is a negative development, while roughly one in three see it positively”:

At least six national polls have found that a majority of Americans now favor marriage equality, including a growing number of religious voters. An ABC News/Washington Post from March, similarly found that 63 percent of white Catholics and 57 percent of non-evangelical white Protestants now support marriage equality — huge increases among both groups over the past decade.