Walker Cancels Budget Signing Ceremony At Business Of Tax Felon

ThinkProgress reported earlier today that Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) would be signing his budget bill at the business of a man convicted on felony charges of tax evasion. Shortly after our report was published, a Walker spokesperson was asked about it and said, “I know nothing about that.”

The governor’s staff apparently quickly did find out about it. After researching the matter, the governor announced today that he will be cancelling the event:

Walker aide Cullen Werwie said his office would be announcing a new location soon for the budget ceremony on Sunday. The announcement came less than an hour after the Journal Sentinel contacted the governor’s office to ask about the executive’s criminal history.

Werwie acknowledged that Walker’s advance team had erred by not conducting a thorough background check on Gregory A. DeCaster, chief executive officer of Badger Sheet Metal Works.


Werwie described the situation as a “breakdown” by the governor’s staff.

DeCaster was convicted on six felony counts for not paying income taxes and sentenced to three months behind bars, plus two years of supervised released, and a $10,000 fine. DeCaster said he was a supporter of Walker’s campaign, but did not contribute.