Wall Street Journal Slams Norm Coleman For Health Care Repeal Comments

Conservatives are pushing back against former senator and Romney campaign surrogate Norm Coleman (R-MN) for claiming that a Republican president won’t be able to repeal the Affordable Care Act and are pressing the former Massachusetts governor to distance himself from Coleman’s assessment. This morning, the Wall Street Journal weighed in, describing Coleman as a counselor of “despair” who wants to “sign a health-care armistice before the battle lines are even drawn.” If Romney’s “real ObamaCare convictions are akin to Mr. Coleman’s — if Republicans ought to ‘repeal the bad and keep the good,’ as Mr. Romney once put it in 2010 — then voters should know that now, before he becomes the nominee,” the paper writes, “If those aren’t his convictions, then Mr. Coleman shouldn’t be anywhere near his campaign.” All of this is pure bravado, of course, designed to whip up Republican votes in November. Like the Romney campaign, the WSJ understands that unless Republicans win a 60-vote majority in the Senate, outright legislative repeal of the law is practically impossible. Coleman’s slip-up was a rare moment of truth, no matter how much the GOP establishment would like to pretend otherwise.