Wall Street Journal Slams ‘Totalitarians’ Behind ‘Dreadful’ Bike-Share Program That Has ‘Begrimed’ NY City

You probably think that bike-sharing programs are a modest, environmentally friendly way to give people another option to the fossil-fuel-based car culture that dominates our major cities.

For the Wall Street Journal, though, it is a program designed by “totalitarians,” which has “absolutely begrimed” New York’s “best neighborhoods,” all “so that New Yorkers can feel that they are in Paris and London.” Yes, Mayor Bloomberg is a Euro-socialist dictator! And bikes are so much uglier and dirtier than taxis and parking spots.

Here is WSJ editorial board member Dorothy Rabinowitz being interviewed by a WSJ staffer who together repeat just about every anti-bike myth imaginable on New York City’s new bike-share program.

The myths in that interview have all been debunked by Business Insider (here), most notably that the program has been “sneaked under the radar” — what with “159 public meetings” and “230 private meetings with officials, property owners, and others.”


Let me just add that Washington, DC has had an identical — and very successful — Bike Share program since 2008. But then everyone knows we have been taken over by Euro-socialists.

Or maybe it is Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal that has been taken over — by the pro-pollution crowd:

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