WaPo mislabels Rep. McHenry as ‘an Iraq war veteran.’

In the Washington Post’s write up today of Gen. David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker’s second day of testimony, reporters William Branigin, Robin Wright and Peter Baker quoted Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-NC) as saying, “Let the generals in the field dictate.” The reporters also referred to McHenry as “an Iraq war veteran”:

Republicans, by contrast, seized on the plan as a political lifeboat after months of being forced to vote against measures repudiating Bush’s policy. “Let the generals in the field dictate,” said Rep. Patrick T. McHenry (N.C.), an Iraq war veteran. “We would support it,” said Rep. Jack Kingston (Ga.), a member of the defense appropriations subcommittee.

McHenry, however, never served in the military, let alone the Iraq war. You can email the Post’s corrections page at

UPDATE: The Washington Post has corrected the article.