Warning: This post is about “The 4400” and only tenuously connected to global warming

So we finally learn that the great tragedy the 4400 were sent forward and then backward in time to prevent with their newly-acquired special abilities has to do with the squandering of our natural resources, like fresh water. That’s gotta be global warming and the century of drought, yes?

Of course, we must take this with a grain of salt since we learn this from two of the marked — the evil elite from the future who don’t want the resource-destroying tragedy prevented and whose personality-containing nanites have been injected into (and taken control of) the bodies of present day folks like our hero Tom Baldwin.

Hey — you were warned!

[And tell me you don’t watch NBC’s Heroes, which is a The 4400 rip-off — OK, so The 4400 is kind of an X-men ripoff….]