Washington Catholic Conference: Same-Sex Marriage Threatens ‘The Continuation Of The Human Race’

The Washington State Catholic Conference unsurprisingly voiced its objection to same-sex marriage today, but did so by insinuating that civilization might very well die out if it becomes law:

Legislation has been introduced in Washington State to change the current law defining marriage. The present law states: “marriage is a civil contract between a male and a female…” This same law also prohibits marriage to close-blood relations, a clear indication that the definition of marriage is related to bringing children into the world and the continuation of the human race. The legislation to redefine marriage, therefore, is not in the public interest. […]

Upholding the present definition of marriage does not depend on anyone’s religious beliefs. Washington State’s present law defining marriage as “a civil contract between a male and a female” is grounded not in faith, but in reason and the experience of society. It recognizes the value of marriage as a bond of personal relationships, but also in terms of the unique and irreplaceable potential of a man and woman to conceive and nurture new life, thus contributing to the continuation of the human race. A change in legislation would mean that the state would no longer recognize the unique sacrifices and contributions made by these couples, thereby adding to the forces already undermining family life today.

It seems that these bishops truly believe that if gay couples can marry, straight couples will just call it quits, stop marrying, and stop having children. The very opposite has been the reality: Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa have some of the lowest divorce rates in the country, while the states with the highest divorce rates all have constitutional prohibitions on same-sex marriage. Besides, Washington already has over 23,000 same-sex couples, 18 percent of whom are already raising children.


Why is it that Catholic leaders seem to be so intimidated by same-sex couples that they lose complete faith in their own heterosexual followers to prolong the human race?