Washington Post Editor Falsely Claims Conservatives ‘Have An Edge In Use Of New Media’

Washington Post political editor John F. Harris and ABC News political director Mark Halperin have written a new and much-touted book entitled The Way To Win, which includes the chapter “How Matt Drudge Rules Our World.” Today Harris wrote a front page analysis of the influence of the “new media” in politics. One of the story’s headlines in the print edition:

Some examples of the “new” media Harris cites:

1. Conservative talk radio, such as Rush Limbaugh (on air since 1988).2. Internet sites, such as The Drudge Report (started in 1994).3. Cable news networks, such as Fox News (which is celebrating its 10th birthday today).

Some examples of the real new media Harris completely ignores:

1. Blogs2. YouTube3. Podcasts4. Social networking sites (Myspace, Facebook)5. Social news sites (Digg, Reddit,

In the introduction, Harris cites the Foley scandal, Sen. George Allen’s (R-VA) “macaca” debacle, and President Bill Clinton’s recent interview on Fox News as examples of the new media’s success in breaking and shaping stories before “charging into the traditional world of newspapers and television networks.”


All three “uproars” named by Harris were mainly driven — and sometimes broken — by liberal blogs. Harris, however, uses the word “blog” just once — when referring to conservative Hugh Hewitt’s dual role as a blogger and radio host.

Conservatives don’t have the edge in the real new media. According to, there are four liberal blogs in the top 25 blogs, but just one right-wing blog. (Fortunately, others reporters have noticed the increasing role of the real new media: see here, here, and here)

John Harris, welcome to the 21st century.

(Eric Boehlert has more.)

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