Washington Post Identifies Rove As ‘Informal McCain Adviser’ — Why Won’t Fox News?

In March, the Politico reported that a “top adviser” to Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said former Bush aide Karl Rove is “now informally advising the campaign.” As ThinkProgress has regularly noted, since Fox News hired Karl Rove as a “contributor,” the network has refused to identify him as an informal adviser to McCain, disregarding an obvious conflict of interest.

Since being on Fox News, Rove, a maxed-out donor to McCain, has provided electoral maps to the campaign, admitted learning about insider information in a “private gathering” with the senator, and has repeatedly shilled for McCain on the network. Rove has been embraced by Fox, and now he jokes about hosting the Colmes and Rove Show. Yesterday, the Rove Watch clock reached 91 days:

The Washington Post, on the other hand, is taking a more transparent route. At noon today, Rove will be featured in a Post Election 2008 Discussion, offering a “critique [of] the campaigns of the three remaining 2008 presidential candidates.” The Post has properly identified Karl Rove as an “informal adviser” to McCain.

The Washington Post has come clean by acknowledging Rove’s ties to the McCain campaign. What is stopping Fox News from following suit?



In the discussion, a questioner asked Rove about the issue. Rove didn’t deny that he is advising McCain:

ROVE: I’m not certain that I qualify as an advisor to McCain. I have friends at the campaign who occasionally ask me for reactions, and the Fox network is well aware of that, and similar contacts by some of their Democratic analysts.