Washington Post Overlooks Obama’s Extensive Remarks On Climate And Energy

If a tree falls in the forest (because of global warming), but the media doesn’t report on it, does it make a sound?

That is the question posed by the amazing banner graphic in today’s Washington Post:

In its quantification of the key elements of the speech, the paper’s editors apparently couldn’t see or hear or speak of the nearly 10% of the State of the Union address devoted to climate and energy. But, hey, Obama devoted 3% of the speech to immigration — that’s news!

Coincidentally, former VP Gore had this to say about the major media in a book tour event yesterday covered by ClimateWire (subs. req’d):


“The American networks, they won’t cover it,” he said. “It changed a little bit after Superstorm Sandy, but not much. It’s almost like a family with an alcoholic father who flies into a rage at the mention of alcohol or his problems, and so everybody in the family learns to keep quiet, don’t mention the elephant in the room, let’s just don’t ever say it.

… “We had disasters related to the climate one after the other, $110 billion worth of climate-related disaster damage last year, completely blowing away the previous record, half the North Polar ice cap melted last summer, and Superstorm Sandy devastated Manhattan and New Jersey, and all the while, we had a presidential campaign with more debates than ever in history,” he said, his voice rising. “And not one single reporter asked a single question in any of the debates of any of the candidates about the climate crisis. That is pathetic.”

‘Pathetic’ is the word.

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