Washington Post Reporter Complains In Online Chat: ‘Oy, What’s With All The McCain Questions?’

Earlier today, Washington Post reporter Jonathan Weisman opened up an online chat with readers by saying that “zany things happening on Capitol Hill” and “John McCain has found the end date for our adventure in Iraq.” Weisman then asked readers to “Take it away!”

But after five out of the first 11 questions focused on Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Weisman began to complain. Asked about senior McCain adviser Charlie Black’s lobbying for Ahmed Chalabi, Weisman had enough, complaining, “Oy, what’s with all the McCain questions?”:

Jonathan Weisman: Oy, what’s with all the McCain questions? Anyone wondering about those Miley Cyrus photos anymore? Anyway, Charlie Black’s lobbying business has gotten a lot of attention of late, and wil continue to get it as long as he keeps it going.

Weisman was relieved though, when a reader asked a question comparing President Bush’s “appeasement” shot at Democrats yesterday to Rep. Jim McDermott’s (D-WA) criticism of President Bush while in Baghdad before the Iraq war. Weisman exclaimed: “Ah, thank goodness someone in chatting land is a Republican”:


Jonathan Weisman: Ah, thank goodness someone in chatting land is a Republican. But I must protest that Jim McDermott took a lot of heat for what he said and did in Baghdad. He was shunned by his fellow Democrats for, like, days (maybe weeks). No one has the squealing thing cornered, my friend.

Weisman, like a lot of the news media at the moment, often appears reluctant to put McCain under tough scrutiny. Last month, in another online chat, Weisman stuck up for McCain’s “maverick brand,” claiming without evidence that McCain had “clashed” with President Bush “repeatedly” over the years.