Washington Post Television Critic Condemns Mourning for Dead NATO Soldiers, Afghan Civilians

Eric Bohlert highlights the latest in Washington Post TV critic Tom Shales’ campaign against Christiane Amanpour:

Perhaps in keeping with the newly globalized program, the commendable “In Memoriam” segment ended with a tribute not to American men and women who died in combat during the preceding week but rather, said Amanpour in her narration, in remembrance of “all of those who died in war” in that period. Did she mean suggest that our mourning extend to members of the Taliban?

Or maybe she meant to acknowledge that American forces are fighting alongside coalition partners from a range of countries and the bulk of the dying is being done by Afghans, both civilians and those in the security forces? Maybe. Just throwing that out there.

Why does the Post employ a television critic at all? And given that they’ve decided to employ one, why does he spend his time doing amateur political punditry?