Washington Post to the Rescue

Some newspapers in America are really crappy. In The New York Times, for example, not only are the news pages always in hoc to to so-called “scientists” and their talk of “global warming” but even on the paper’s opinion pages conservative columnists like David Brooks and Ross Douthat never take on the “facts” and “science” that constitute “reality.” Thank God, then, for The Washington Post where their editors have no ethics or conscience and they’ve decided, out of contempt for their audience, that an appropriate use for their pages is to give George Will a forum in which to mislead the Post’s readers. Thus in today’s column he quotes noted climate scientist (and ethnic cleansing advocate) Mark Steyn “If you’re 29, there has been no global warming for your entire adult life.”

Here’s some nonsense chart I read in the NYT one time:

A bunch of good people work at the Post, but all things considered it continues to seem to me that the Washington Post Company would be well-advised to focus on its core competency in standardized test preparation services.



I should say that at first I didn’t even understand what Steyn/Will were trying to say here. Clearly they’re engaged in some form of the “1998 was very hot and therefore there’s no global warming” fallacy, but 29 years ago it was 1980 — a distinctly cooler year than the ones we’ve had recently. The key here seems to be that if you’re 29 there’s been no warming in your “adult life.” In other words, 2000 was warmer on average than 2008 and therefore there’s no long-run cooling trend.