Washington Redskins Player Says His Team Should Change Its Name


DeAngelo Hall, the Pro Bowl defensive back who has played football in Washington for the last five and a half seasons, thinks the controversy around the name of Washington’s football will eventually cause it to change.

“I think eventually they will change it,” Hall said during a Thursday morning appearance on Fox Sports radio show “Keepin’ it Real with Mike Hill,” according to the Washington Post.

More than that, Hall thinks the team should change the name.

“They probably should,” Hall said. “But they won’t for a while at least.”

Hall isn’t alone in thinking the team should drop its “Redskins” moniker. Native American groups have long opposed it and led a campaign against it throughout the 2013 season. Members of Congress, the D.C. city council, civil rights organizations, Washington-area clergy, at least one NFL executive, and even President Obama have weighed in against it too.


What makes Hall’s position against the name significant, though, is that he’s the first member of the franchise (though he’s a free agent this offseason, so it’s possible he won’t return next year) to say outright that the name should be changed. Former Washington stars Darrell Green and Art Monk both said last year that the team should discuss the future of the name, but they walked their positions back a day later. Most associated with the team, including current player Josh Morgan and former quarterback Joe Theismann, have dismissed the idea of calling the team anything but the Redskins, a term Native American groups like the Oneida Nation and National Congress of American Indians say is an offensive stereotype that exacerbates broader problems facing their communities.

Washington owner Dan Snyder, for his part, has said he will “NEVER” change the name.