Watch Donald Trump casually drop the ‘c-word’ in public

The newly released video, from 2004, shows Trump in his element.

Trump speaking at the Friar’s Club in October 2004
Trump speaking at the Friar’s Club in October 2004

Newly unearthed video shows Donald Trump casually drop the word “cunt” at a public event in 2004.

Trump is speaking a the Friar’s Club in October of that year, where he was the subject of a roast. The slur is used near the end of a short speech Trump gave at the conclusion of the event, which also featured Trump making cracks about how dumb Hugh Hefner’s blonde girlfriends must be and Regis Philbin’s penchant for “hostesses.”

The video was posted to YouTube on October 26, along with several other clips from the roast, by an anonymous account. The account appears to have been created for the purpose of uploading these videos.


Trump’s comments were part of a riff about how women don’t really understand roasts. He starts talking about how his then-fiancee, Melania, had “no idea” what to expect from a roast. Trump added that nine “blondes” who accompanied Hugh Hefner to his roast “didn’t know what happened but they didn’t understand, so it didn’t matter.”

Trump then makes a diversion to talk about Regis Philbin who he describes as “short” but nevertheless praises for going “through these hostesses.”

Finally, turns his attention to Katie Couric who, according to Trump, also didn’t know anything about roasts before attending that evening. “The first word she heard was the word ‘cunt,’” Trump says, without any hesitation.

Trump’s treatment of women has been at issue throughout the campaign, but especially since the release of a 2005 Access Hollywood video that captured him bragging about sexual assault.

Since the release of the video, numerous women have come forward to say Trump sexually assaulted them.

Trump’s use of degrading language to describe women drew significant attention after Megyn Kelly challenged him about his public statements during the first presidential debate in August 2015. He “called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals,” Kelly said, questioning whether he had the “temperament” to be president.

Later, Trump responded by promoting tweets calling Kelly a “bimbo.”

Trump has also been recorded making degrading comments about women during his appearances on The Howard Stern Show. CNN reported that, in 2006, Trump gave Stern permission to call his daughter Ivanka a “piece of ass.”