Watch How British Television Covered Romney’s Visit

Mitt Romney’s criticism of the London Olympics in Great Britain led the nightly news show ‘BBC London’ on Thursday. The program reported on Romney’s uncomfortable visit with Prime Minister David Cameron after suggesting that the nation was unprepared to host the games, mocked his efforts to backpaddel those remarks and showed footage of London Mayor Boris Johnson mocking Romney before to tens of thousands of people in London’s Hyde Park:

Back at Downing Street [David Cameron] met US Presidental hopeful, Mitt Romney. Now it would have been understandable if all this had been a bit uncomfortable. Mr Romney, who ran the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City a decade ago, last night told a US reporter he had concerns about the London Games. […]

But a chat with Mr Cameron later and Mitt Romney was rowing back faster than Sir Steve Redgrave. […]

Tonight, in front of 60,000 people, gathered in Hyde Park to see the Olympic torch, the mayor turned his attention to Mitt Romney’s criticism.


Watch it: