WATCH: McCain Dances With The Far-Right And The Super-Rich On Economic Policy

When it comes to taxes and the economy, John McCain has got his dancing shoes on.

In the early 2000s, John McCain eschewed his reputation as a radical tax cutter by opposing the Bush tax cuts because they “came at the expense of middle class Americans.”

But now he’s waltzed all the way back to the far right, proposing not only to extend the Bush tax cuts, but double them by giving away another $300 billion in budget-busting tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy while leaving out 100 million Americans.

In the last month, he’s made overtures to the middle class, promising mortgage relief and a new set of tax cuts for the middle class. But when the details were revealed, they turned out to be just more giveaways to corporations and the wealthy.


Watch him go:

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Dancing shoes? Maybe he’ll just add taps to his $520 loafers.

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