WATCH: Nevada Sheriff Explains In 68 Seconds How Stronger Gun Laws Will Protect His Officers’ Lives

The Senate will hold its first procedural vote on gun violence prevention this Thursday, and law enforcement officials have a particular stake in this debate. Officers encounter gun violence daily and more than 500 officers were killed by guns over the past decade, accounting for 92 percent of officer deaths.

Sheriff Michael Haley serves in Washoe County in Nevada, a state that ranks as the 12th worst on gun violence. Haley spoke with ThinkProgress about how weak federal gun laws threaten his officer’s lives and make the public less safe:

One solution Haley proposed is universal background checks, an issue that 91 percent of Americans support. Watch Haley explain how fixing our broken background check system can keep more guns out of the hands of criminals:

Haley also addressed the National Rifle Association’s argument against limiting magazine sizes, namely that they can be quickly swapped out, rendering the solution useless. However, Haley says that isn’t the case; the time it takes to change magazine clips can slow the shooter down and allow a victim to escape: