WATCH: Strategist Behind Proposed Reverend Wright Attack Ad Has Long History Of Race-Baiting

A group of GOP strategists is planning to pull out all the stops — including racism — in its campaign strategy to defeat President Obama, the New York Times reported today.

The Times obtained a proposal, crafted by race-baiting GOP media consultant Fred Davis, that says the group will go after Obama for his relationship to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s former pastor who has come under fire for controversial race-related comments.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) steered clear of these attacks during the 2008 election — even suspending a staffer who tweeted out a Wright video — much to the chagrin of Davis and his associates, who include Chicago Cubs owner/ TD Ameritrade founder Joe Ricketts.

Davis’s proposal makes clear that no holds will be barred this time around, and that Rev. Wright will be prominently featured. According to the article, the group is seeking as “a spokesman an ‘extremely literate conservative African-American’ who can argue that Mr. Obama misled the nation by presenting himself as what the proposal calls a ‘metrosexual, black Abe Lincoln.’”


Davis, it turns out, has a long history of making ads that evoke racism, xenophobia, or general aversions to anything “other” or “different.” Here are his top three ads in that vein:

Alabama’s English-Only Governor: Fred Davis helped with Tim James’s gubernatorial bid, during which he ran this dog-whistle xenophobic, racist ad.

Debbie Spend-It-Now: This racist ad aired during the Superbowl this year. It shows a woman of Asian-American descent speaking in broken English. The actress in the spot actually issued an apology to her friends and family for any pain her role in the hateful ad may have caused.

“There Is No God”: When Elizabeth Dole went after Kay Hagan in the 2008 race for North Carolina’s Senate seat, she went all in on attacking Hagan. This particularly vicious ad depicts Hagan as an athiest who takes “godless money.” Kay Hagan actually sued Dole for defamation over the ad.

In the end, all of these candidates lost. Americans are smarter than to fall for race-baiting tricks from political operatives, even if one of Davis’s associates thinks that “if the nation had seen [Davis’s proposed Jeremiah Wright] ad, they’d never have elected Barack Obama.”

Other Davis ads also include Carly Fiorina’s “Demon Sheep” and Christine O’Donnell’s “I Am Not A Witch.”


Joe Ricketts, the TD Ameritrade founder for whom this proposal is named, has just come out with a statement that he will not use Jeremiah Wright to attack President Obama.