Watch Trump’s Former Campaign Manager Get Paid To Defend White Supremacist Meme


Yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted an attack on Hillary Clinton that contained anti-Semitic imagery. The tweet included Clinton’s face over a pile of one hundred dollar bills next to a red Star Of David with the words “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever.”

A report by Mic revealed that the image originated a few days ago on the white supremacist message board /pol/.

Trump later deleted the tweet, keeping the original meme created on /pol/ but crudely replacing the star with a red circle.

Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, defended Trump’s use of the white supremacist meme Sunday morning on CNN’s State Of The Union. He said that critics were “reading into a thing that is not there.” He also blasted the “mainstream media” for buying into “political correctness run amok.”

Lewandowski’s criticism of the mainstream media is odd, considering his employer is now CNN. He is being paid by CNN to provide political commentary, despite having signed a contract that prohibits him from criticizing Trump.

CNN is reportedly paying Lewandowski is $500,000. CNN has disputed the figure.

Since joining the network a few days ago, Lewandowski has been criticized for failing “to contribute meaningful insight and analysis — even from a pro-Trump perspective.”


Trump’s tweet fits into a pattern of anti-Semitic commentary that dates back to when Lewandowski was his campaign manager. In a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition in December, Trump told the Jewish audience that “I don’t want your money so therefore you’re probably not going to support me.”

Trump has also used his Twitter account numerous times to amplify the messages of white supremacists.


A second paid CNN contributor, Jeffery Lord, has defended Trump’s use of a white supremacist meme: