Weekend Open Thread

I’m trying out a new feature for reader comments and feedback.

Lots of websites, including those with more posts and readers, have open threads for readers to post their thoughts and news.

Climate Progress has some of the best commenters in the science blogosphere, but not as many opportunities to post useful stuff on the weekends because there are fewer articles. Also, I don’t run the Energy and Global Warming News on Saturday or Sunday, so my few weekend posts get a lot of off-topic comments.

Anyway, here’s a chance for you to post links to interesting weekend news/links (as DavidCOG just did with this piece, “New climate denialism: Who promotes it, and how to answer it”). Or you can just opine on whatever’s on your mind. Or suggest topical topics that CP should cover in the coming week. Or link to some jokes and cartoons — can’t get enough of those in these new Dark Ages!