Weekly Standard Sends Out Fringe Anti-Gay Fundraiser To Email List

Conservative news magazine The Weekly Standard today distributed a letter to its email subscribers from “Public Advocate” Eugene Delgaudio, a fringe anti-gay activist who regularly rails against the “radical homosexual agenda” in wordy, redundant emails to his supporters. This particular treatise condemns the Student Non-Discrimination Act, an anti-bullying bill before Congress, as “indoctrination” that will “create a new America based on sexual promiscuity” and confuse “impressionable students” into “experimenting” with the homosexual “lifestyle” by holding up “sexual deviants” as “models of virtue.” The magazine has not commented on its distribution of the hateful fundraising letter.


The Weekly Standard has disowned the ad, but editor Bill Kristol has not condemned it. Publisher Terry Eastland claims the “vettying system broke down”:

EASTLAND: This is obviously not the sort of advertising that we would accept, nor will we accept it in the future. It was just one of these cases where an ad came in, it was not fully vetted in the way it should be, and it got out.