Welcome Matthew Yglesias To ThinkProgress

We’re extremely excited to announce the arrival of Matthew Yglesias to the ThinkProgress family. Matt’s new blog can be found here, and it has also been added to the navigation bar at the top of the page. (You’ll see that he’s wasted no time in getting started.)

Matt comes to us from The Atlantic, where his insightful and analytical writings established him one of most highly-trafficked and widely-read progressive bloggers. Earlier this year, Matt released his first book — Heads in the Sand: How the Republicans Screw up Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Screws up the Democrats.

ThinkProgress works hard to provide our readers with the latest and most interesting progressive news, while The Wonk Room focuses on explaining progressive policy solutions and why conservative policies have failed. Matt will contribute to the mission of our staff, but he also adds a new, valuable dimension to this blog by editorializing and offering first-person perspectives on why certain issues and stories matter.

Bookmark his site and check it frequently. If you haven’t read him before, you’ve been missing out. And please help spread the word about ThinkProgress!