Welcome To ThinkProgress Health!

I’m excited to welcome you to the new ThinkProgress and ThinkProgress Health, a brand new blog focusing on the politics and policy of health care and health reform.

ThinkProgress Health will focus on unraveling the latest conservative attacks against health reform, cover all of health care battles in Congress, and provide exclusive on-the-ground coverage from all of the the 2012 presidential candidates as we enter the primary season.

But the central devotion to health topics will also allow us to solicit contributions from our health policy team at the Center for American Progress and health wonks from around the country to provide more in-depth analysis of the emerging health care proposals from the presidential hopefuls and the ongoing effort to implement health care reform by the federal government and the states. TP Health will also feature integrated content from the new ThinkProgress site and Matt Yglesias.

So bookmark us — — add us to your RSS readers –- –- follow us on Twitter –- @TPHealth — and contact me with your ideas and suggestions. I’m very excited about all the health news ahead and look forward to hearing your feedback and comments!


— Igor VolskyEditor of ThinkProgress Health