Welcome To ThinkProgress Justice

ThinkProgress is thrilled to announce the launch of ThinkProgress Justice, our new blog focusing on the courts, the Constitution, and the increased role litigation plays in shaping policy.

More and more often, lawsuits have become politics by other means. Republican lawmakers lost their bid to block health reform in the elected branches, and immediately asked the courts to overrule the democratic process. When corporate lobbyists fail to block consumer and worker protections in the legislature, they immediately seek immunity from these new laws through legal doctrines such as preemption and tricks such as forced arbitration. Cases such as Bush v. Gore and Citizens United v. FEC leave the very results of our elections up to men in black robes.

TP Justice will provide in depth legal analysis of high-profile court cases, such as the Affordable Care Act litigation, but it will also highlight equally important legal and constitutional developments that too often fly under the radar. The whole nation took notice when the Supreme Court opened the floodgates to billions of corporate dollars in American elections, but major developments such as the Supreme Court’s decision effectively eliminating consumer class actions often go unnoticed. TP Justice will provide you with the information you need to understand how the courts are being used to push an agenda that would never fly in the elected branches.

Additionally, TP Justice will examine the battle to shape the judiciary through judicial nominations and confirmation fights. And it will continue ThinkProgress’ focus on conservative efforts to remake the Constitution into a document that is hostile to workers, immigrants, Medicare and Social Security.


Please visit TP Justice often and feel free to leave comments on our posts. You can also follow us on Twitter at @TPJustice.