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Though it was just a few years ago, the 2008 economic crisis has already largely disappeared from the daily political discourse. But its effects are still being felt all across the country, as evidenced by an unacceptably high unemployment rate, continued foreclosures, and economic growth that too slow to get the country out of the jobs hole in which it finds itself. Corporate profits have rebounded, but Main Street’s pain is still all-too-real.

Even with those miserable indicators, conservatives in Congress are pushing their same old economic prescriptions: tax cuts for the country’s wealthiest paired with steep cuts to programs upon which working Americans depend. Republican governors across the nation have used battered state budgets as an excuse to launch an assault on the rights of working people, while an emboldened House Majority is aiming to slow down new rules aimed at reining in the titans of Wall Street.

There are, of course, better solutions. ThinkProgress Economy will be covering everything from tax and budget negotiations on Capitol Hill to the latest instance of corporate malfeasance. We will be keeping an eye on housing policy, the labor movement, the implementation of financial reform, and much more, as we work towards building a sustainable, progressive economy based on broadly shared prosperity


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