Welcome To Your New ThinkProgress

Today, ThinkProgress is excited to unveil our new, cutting-edge research and reporting website. We’ve redesigned the site from top to bottom, and we hope you’ll find our new look cleaner, more modern, and easier to navigate.

The new site retains the best qualities of the previous site, including the chronological, end-over-end presentation of blog posts. We’ll of course continue to provide the breakthrough research and reporting you’ve come to rely on from ThinkProgress. And Matt Yglesias will continue to offer insights and analysis on his blog. But while there’s some continuation, there are also some big improvements:

Six New Issue-Specific ThinkProgress blogs: The new site has six new issue blogs — Economy, Green, Health, Justice, LGBT, and Security. Each of these destinations will provide fresh content every day from dedicated staff and guest experts.

New Politics/Pop Culture Blog: Alyssa Rosenberg will author a new ThinkProgress blog dedicated to coverage of the intersection between politics and pop culture. Alyssa was previously an editor at The Washingtonian, is a culture columnist The Atlantic, and most recently, was a guest blogger on Matt Yglesias’ blog.


Integration Of Joe Romm’s Climate Progress Blog: Joe Romm’s critically-acclaimed Climate Progress blog will now appear as part of ThinkProgress’s suite of op-ed authors (along with Alyssa and Yglesias). Joe, with assistance from reporter Stephen Lacey, will cover climate, renewable energy, and politics.

Featured Stories And Hot Topics: At the very top of the page, you can find the hot topics that are trending on ThinkProgress. Below the main navigation, graphical feature boxes will highlight some of the day’s top stories.

New Commenting System: ThinkProgress now features the Facebook commenting system. To comment on a blog post, you can log in through your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account or are not logged into Facebook, you may use Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail email accounts to log in. You can enable this and other login providers via the “Settings” link on the Comments Box. The new system will allow you to easily share your comments with your friends on Facebook, if you choose to do so.

Improved Search Function: The new site provides an enhanced search function, allowing you to easily find our posts through a targeted query system.

Better Social Media Experience: At the top of the page, you’ll see Facebook and Twitter icons so you can follow our presence on those social media sites. Moreover, on the left hand side of every blog post, you’ll see buttons that allow you to easily share a post on Twitter and Facebook. And lastly, on the right-hand sidebar, you’ll notice a box that lets you know which ThinkProgress posts are attracting the most attention on Facebook and Twitter.

New Progress Report: We’re also re-launching our daily e-newsletter The Progress Report with an updated format and a new purpose. The Progress Report’s new mission is to provide you with the key facts, arguments, and talking points you need to win the day’s debate. Subscribe by entering your email in The Progress Report box on the right-hand side of the page.

Sign Up For ThinkProgress Alerts: At the top of the right-hand sidebar, you’ll see a box that allows you to sign up for new ThinkProgress alerts. We’ll use this email list to let you know about breaking news that we’re reporting, or calls for action to help accomplish progressive change. Please sign up!

Also, thanks in part to your donations (donate here), we’ve been able to expand our reporting staff. See our full roster of reporters here. We hope you’ll take some time to peruse the new site. And we appreciate any feedback you can give us — email us or leave a comment below. Thanks for being part of our community!