We’re having a heat wave — and record wildfires

But let’s not annoy the Denyers by saying this is due to global warming. No. Let’s instead imagine that there is a fabulously beautiful planet in a parallel universe where the people are foolish enough to pour billions of tons of heat-trapping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year.

On that mythical planet we’ll call Unearth, they also constantly have record breaking heat waves and wildfires, which keep getting worse and worse — heck in an amazing coincidence, Unearth’s richest country, the United Unsateds, also set a record for acreage destroyed by wildfires last year, beating the previous record which had only been set in 2005.

Unearth scientists had also predicted global warming would have such impacts. But on Unearth, when they started happening, the media actually made the link, and everyone realized the scientists were right and took strong action to avoid catastrophe. You see on Unearth, the fossil fuel companies didn’t launch a massive disinformation campaign, and ….

A fantasy, I know, but a scientist can dream.