WH distances itself from Rush on ‘phony soldiers’ remark.

In a press briefing this morning, White House Press Secretary Dana Perino was pressed specifically about Rush Limbaugh’s “phony soldiers” comment. She responded: “It’s not what the President would have used, no.” Watch it:

Recall, Bush blasted the MoveOn ad as “disgusting,” and he lamented that more Democrats did not “speak out strongly” against it. TPM observes that the White House response to Limbaugh is “hardly the scathing condemnation that MoveOn earned at the hands of the President of course.”

UPDATE: Taylor Marsh does a round up of some of the indignation directed at MoveOn that came from the right wing.


UPDATE II: The Weekly Standard steps up to defend Limbaugh, while acknowledging his words were “poorly chosen.”

UPDATE III: In remarks on his radio station today, Rush Limbaugh refused to apologize for his “phony soldiers” remark, but instead turned his fire on Media Matters, the “drive-by media,” and Rep. John Murtha (D-PA). C&L; has the audio.