What Are the Next Big Energy and Climate Stories? What Would You Like Climate Progress to Cover in 2012?

In short, what would you like Climate Progress to cover in 2012 that we aren’t already covering.

CP tries to be responsive to readers. You wanted more coverage of clean energy and solutions, so last year we brought on reporter Stephen Lacey to fill that gap, and now CP has some of the best, most reposted and retweeted content on clean energy in the blogosphere or MSM.

We won’t be hiring anyone new this year, but are very much interested in what you’d like to see more coverage of.

Also, one thing CP tries hard to do is be ahead of the curve, to dive into subjects before the MSM catches on to them — as we have with shale gas, the connection between global warming and extreme weather, food insecurity and Dust-Bowlification, the Keystone XL pipeline and protests against it, to name but a few. What do you think are next big energy and climate stories that aren’t getting enough attention?