What can you do? Resist.

Support the Trump investigative fund. Get a T-shirt. Give someone a hug.

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

This is a frightening time in the United States of America.

Many people are asking — What can I do?

Here is one thing you can do: Help us hold Trump accountable by supporting the Trump investigative fund.

We launched this effort a two weeks ago and are now 50 percent of the way to our $250,000 goal. Kick in $40 and we’ll send you this T-shirt.

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We are already having an impact in Trump’s America.

Last week, we published a piece explaining why we would no longer use the term “alt-right” because it was being used by Trump’s chief strategist Steven Bannon and others to obscure racism, white nationalism, and white supremacy.


Six days later, the AP announced an identical policy. Today, the New York Times recognized ThinkProgress as a thought leader on this topic.

Our ground-breaking reporting on the legal implications of Trump’s decision to retain control of his business empire as president — Trump will violate the constitution the minute he takes office — has attracted over 4 million readers just since Election Day.

If you want to support this work but aren’t interested in a T-shirt — or want to contribute a different amount — you can do so here.

But our work is just getting started.

Soon, Trump will be in control of the entire executive branch. We need to expand our efforts to hold him accountable at every turn.


We need your support for Freedom of Information Act requests, deep-dive investigations, and rapid-fire reporting that ensures Trump’s vision for America is not normalized.

People are eager for actionable information. More people have visited ThinkProgress so far this month than in any month in our 11-year history.

Let’s do something together. Let’s resist.