What Donald Trump’s New Communications Director Really Thinks Of Donald Trump, In 11 Deleted Tweets


Donald Trump is having trouble putting together a full-fledged presidential campaign. Trump has a staff of little more than 70 people, compared to more than 700 for Hillary Clinton.

The problem: many experienced Republican operatives do not want to work for him.

Today Trump was able to fill a key role. Jason Miller, a senior communications adviser for Ted Cruz, signed up to be Trump’s communications director.

Before Miller signed on, however, he had some cleaning up to do. Miller deleted dozens of harshly anti-Trump tweets from his Twitter account, many of them authored just a few weeks ago.


ThinkProgress was able to recover cached versions of Miller’s deleted anti-Trump tweets.

Any member of a rival’s staff is likely to have some negative things to say about their opponents. But Miller’s tweets about Trump frequently drip with contempt and disgust. Here are some highlights:

He repeatedly referred to Trump as #SleazyDonald

He called Trump “the Carl Lewis of flip-flopping”

He accused Trump of being a pawn for lobbyists representing foreign companies

He mocked Trump University

He criticized Trump’s changing position on abortion

He blasted Trump for donating to Democrats

He dismissed the idea that Trump is more reasonable in private

It’s unclear if the Trump campaign knew about these tweets before hiring Miller. The Trump campaign did not immediately return a request for comment.