What Is The Wonk Room?

Today, ThinkProgress is launching a sister blog — The Wonk Room. To address the need for substantive dialogue and information, The Wonk Room is intended to be a rapid-response policy blog as well as a resource for in-depth policy analysis on four core issue areas: health care, economic mobility, national security, and climate change.

While the media often focuses an inordinate amount of coverage on the daily political horserace, less attention is paid to the deep philosophical and ideological differences between conservative and progressive policies. The Politico reports:

The site — which the center calls “the first-ever public policy rapid response blog of its kind” — is designed to bridge the shrillness of the presidential campaigns and the details of policy choices that will confront the winner.

The daily mission of this blog is to provide a substantive, focused, and relentless effort in each of these areas:


Promoting progressive policy solutions on the four core issue areas

Defending those progressive ideas from false attacks

Defining the Bush record

Critiquing the conservative approach

The ultimate goal of our effort is to create a mandate for progressive action in each of the four core policy areas.

The Wonk Room will combine the talents of individuals from unique backgrounds, joining former policy directors of presidential campaigns with policy analysts, established progressive bloggers, and skilled political researchers. (If you’re interested in working for the Wonk Room, we’re still hiring. Please email Faiz your resume at

Please bookmark us and check back frequently!