What is your favorite Climate Progress post?

And, while we’re at it, what are your favorite comments?

I am seriously entertaining the idea of collecting my best posts and trying to publish them as a book.

I’d be interested in any thoughts you have on the general topic, as well as specific recommendations for posts to reprint. If comments are an indication of interest in a post, then I have a good starting list here:

I also collected several of what I thought were some of my better introductory posts here:

The other introductory posts on the side bar also are key starting points.

I think I might also reprint some of the better comments since they help make this blog what it is. A key point of the book would be to give readers a flavor for what they can expect here. And much as CP’s Terms of Use allow anyone to reprint one of my columns, they also give us the right to reprint any comment in any other media.


I have no idea whether this attempt to bridge very different media will work. Obviously certain features of the blog, like the hyperlinks, are hard to capture in a book — but then I would simply direct people in the book who were interested in the original sources to the blog (where I’d have them all in one place). I’m quite certain such a book would not be a big moneymaker since none of my books have been — [Note to self: Get over it!] — indeed, on a income per hour basis, book-writing doesn’t pay close to the minimum wage.

Anyway, the goal would be to create something that is permanent and desirable — and that serves as a vehicle for getting the word out on the blog to a different audience.

Suggestions are welcome!