What Was The Role Of Alcohol In Cheney’s Hunting Accident?

Last night, NBC Investigative Reporter Aram Roston published an article on that contained the following paragraph:

That passage was subsequently removed. (See a screen shot of the original article here.)

We do know that Mr. Cheney refused to be interviewed by local law enforcement until the morning after the accident at 8AM. Officials who attempted to interview Cheney on Saturday night were turned away.

There are many legitimate questions regarding the role of alcohol in the accident. Here are three:


1. Is it standard procedure for law enforcement to administer a Blood Alcohol Test immediately after an accidental shooting during a hunt?

2. Who agreed to delay Cheney’s first contact with law enforcement for 12 hours?

3. What was the blood alcohol content of the victim, Mr. Whittington?

Thus far, there is no evidence that suggests alcohol was a contributing factor to the accident. But the traditional media, which have covered the story extensively for the last three days, have failed to ask the appropriate questions.