When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang

I know I should know better than to want to see Adam McKay’s The Other Guys, a buddy-cop movie starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg (and The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson as the badass cops the incompetents model themselves on). Some of the jokes aren’t funny, like the fact that oh, gee, dorky Ferrell has a hot wife:

But enough of this looks tweaked and funny for it to work. Ferrell interpreting “bad cop” to mean genuinely off-the-wall crazy, the wooden gun, the confession he learned to drive from Grand Theft Auto, the particular articulate obnoxiousness of the super-cops…it’s all just enough off to function as effective, funny commentary on the genre. McKay will probably never approach the genius of the news team rumble in Anchorman, and that’s okay: the Gods generally only ever touch us mortals once. But I’ll probably end up seeing this at some point. If only as a vote in support of self-awareness in Dwayne Johnson’s career, in which I feel surprisingly personally investd.