Where’s the Brazilian Right

Latest polling of the Brazilian election:

Dilma Rousseff holds a significant advantage over fellow presidential candidate Jose Serra just months before an election takes place in Brazil, according to a poll by Ibope. 43 per cent of respondents would vote for Rousseff of the ruling Workers’ Party (PT) in the October ballot, up three points since June.

Jose Serra of the Brazilian Party of Social Democracy (PSDB) is second with 32 per cent, down three points. Marina Silva of the Green Party (PV) is third with seven per cent.

The funny thing here is that none of these seem to be the names of right-of-center parties. I know something similar happened in Portugal where the main center-right party is called the Partido Social Democrata (Social Democrats) and the center-left party is the Socialist Party. Is that’s what’s happening in Brazil with the PSDB being a de facto center-right party despite its left-sounding name?