White House Abramoff Stonewall, Day 14

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was first asked about meetings between Jack Abramoff and White House staff on January 4. On January 5, McClellan said he would have a “thorough report” on staff level contacts “very soon.”

Fourteen days later, the stonewalling continues:

QUESTION: Scott, just quickly, back to Abramoff, can you give any more specificity on those meetings? When they were, years, times?

MCCLELLAN: No. This is sticking with our past policy. We’re not going to engage in a fishing expedition.

QUESTION: Not even years?

MCCLELLAN: Well, the Hanukkah receptions were back in 2001 and 2002.

QUESTION: OK. You talked about the Hanukkah receptions. Can you talk about the staff-level meetings and what years those were or months?

MCCLELLAN: No. I did a chat for you all to provide you that information, but we’re not going to engage in a fishing expedition. I know that there’s some that want to do that. But I don’t see any reason to do so.

QUESTION: Can you tell me why you wouldn’t want it out there?

MCCLELLAN: Well, this has been keeping with past practice in terms of in similar incidents.

What is the White House trying to hide?