White House: Polls are flawed, Bush sees a ‘shift in attitudes’ toward him.

Despite polls showing record levels of dissatisfaction with President Bush, U.S. News reported on Friday that the White House is in an “upbeat mood” and that aides “see a president who still gets his way.” According to the magazine, the administration’s positive demeanor is a result of Bush sensing less “antipathy” than he used to in crowds:

When he travels around the country, Bush feels less “antipathy” than he used to in the crowds, along the motorcade routes, and expressed by the individuals who talk to him at his events. “He feels there has been a shift in attitudes out there that’s not reflected in polling data,” the aide says. […]

Reinforcing his point, the latest AP-Ipsos poll, released in mid-June, found that only 29 percent of Americans approved of Bush’s job performance, one of the lowest presidential ratings ever. White House officials, by the way, say they aren’t sure such polls should be believed because the questions are biased and the population samples are flawed.

U.S. News reported in January that aides “are predicting a remarkable poll shift to about 45 percent favorable by the time he leaves office next year.”


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