White House Website Violates Federal Law

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act “require[s] federal agencies to ensure that EIT [electronic information technology] they procure is accessible to people with disabilities.” That includes websites.

The White House website does not comply with Section 508. A review (located here, here, and here) of three pages on found 49 instances of Section 508 violations.

Most notably, these White House pages don’t provide alternative text for all images. A blind person surfing the Internet uses a program that searches for text that identifies images. Many images on the White House site have no associated text in the web code and leave a person with disabilities unable to tell what the image is.

Contact Linda Sites and Linda Tolkan in the Executive Office of the President and ask why the White House site isn’t in compliance and what steps, if any, are being taken to fix the problem. (Check out American Progress’s letter to the EOP here.)