Who Watches the Form-Writers

Apparently if you want to create a new government form, you first need to fill out Standard Form 152. Many people seem to find this idea of a meta-form hilarious, but it’s pretty intuitive. In their song “The List” Metric asks “do lawyers have lawyers?” but when you think about it for five minutes the answer is clearly yes:

After all, if you specialize in anti-trust litigation and hit someone with your car and get sued, you’re going to want an attorney who specializes in that. At any rate, Kevin Drum points out that the proliferation of government forms is almost entirely due to the IRS:


This seems to mostly be a result of Americans’ unfortunate tendency to hate taxes and love tax breaks. If people just accepted that it would make more sense to have a broader tax base with fewer loopholes, credits, and deductions and then make policy through direct government expenditures rather than “tax expenditures” we could make due with a lot less filling out of tax forms.