Why Romney Couldn’t Convince The Washington Post To Retract Its Story About Bain Offshoring Jobs

The Mitt Romney campaign met with editors of the Washington Post today in an attempt to get the paper to retract a story about how the private equity firm Bain Capital helped outsource jobs when Romney was its CEO. Initially, the campaign merely admonished the Post for not distinguishing between “outsourcing” and “offshoring,” but today it brought a set of slides in an attempt to refute the entire premise of the story.

However, the evidence that the campaign provided does not contradict the paper’s reporting, which was gleaned from documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Instead, the campaign’s document simply includes assertions from executives of the companies in which Bain invested, claiming that they did not outsource jobs.

Left unsaid is that these executives have a vested interest in not being seen as offshoring jobs. “None of these 6 companies sent jobs overseas under Bain Capital during Mitt Romney’s tenure, in fact they added jobs,” the campaign’s document claims, providing no sources of evidence. Here are some of the slides:


The Post is standing by its story.