Why Was Rove Editing Intelligence Statements In 2003?

Tonight on MSNBC’s Hardball, John Podesta, CEO and President of the Center for American Progress and former Clinton chief of staff, debated Ed Rollins, former Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and Deputy Chief of Staff for Political and Governmental Affairs (a position not all too different from that of Karl Rove’s). Podesta made an excellent point:

PODESTA: This morning, again, in the New York Times, we learned that Karl Rove in the summer of 2003 was editing George Tenet’s statement about the faulty intelligence and the faulty statement that the President made in his State of the Union address to kind of rush us into the war in Iraq. Now Ed served as the political director of the White House. I’m fairly confident that he never edited any statements by Bill Casey at the CIA.

ROLLINS: None whatsoever.

Recall that in 2003 Rove was not yet deputy chief of staff nor was he formally in charge of coordinating with the National Security Council as he is now. He was the senior political director at the White House. Why was he editing intelligence documents?